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viagra natural pills Ll bladder, termed as hyperplastic cholecystosis, the other variant being adenomyosis. These changes are. â more commonly seen in the females, in the 4th and 5th decades and are usually asymptomatic. These changes are detected incidentally in 30-50% of cholecystectomy specimens. Cholesterolosis results from abnormal deposits of cholesterol esters in macrophages within the lamina propria [foam cells] and in mucosal epithelium. The gall bladder may be affected in a patchy localized form or in a diffuse form. The diffuse form macroscopically appears as a bright red mucosa with yellow mottling [due to lipid], hence the term ‘strawberry gall bladder. ’ in its localized form, cholesterolosis may present as multiple, very small polyps. This condition is not associated with an increased risk of malignancy and there is no known association with cholelithaisis and cholecystitis. Increased serum cholesterol level does not predispose to this condition. It is also not related to diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis and hyperconcenteration of cholesterol in the bile. Management if the polyps are small, the patient may simply be followed up; larger polyps need elective cholecystectomy, if symptomatic. The main concern is to rule out gallbladder malignancy. buy cheap viagra canada discount viagra generic best price generic viagra generic viagra online buy viagra online cheap viagra viagra online canada fast shipping cheap viagra buy viagra online Share this: twitter facebook email linkedin stumbleupon print like this: like be the first to like this. Posted in abdominal ultrasound, gall bladder, uncategorized | tagged 3 d reconstructed image og gall bladder, cholestrolosis, gall bladder, high definition live scan, polyp, strawberry gall bladder, voluson e8 bt 12, voluson e8 bt12 | 1 reply neural tube defect posted on august 26, 2012 by kriznan 1 this was a 29 year old lady ; g3 p1 a1 ( mtp by choice) , referred for anomaly scan at 20 weeks. Earlier scan done at 15 weeks did not reveal any abnormality. But scan done â 2 days ago at a different centre has revealed abnormal shape of head. The following was the picture of the head showing the ” lemon sign”of the skull â and the” banana sign “of the cerebellum. Lemon shaped skull ; bpd was smaller ; mild hydrocephalus seen cerebellum shows abnormal banana shape careful examination of the fetal spine revealed the following lumbar open neural tube defect seen this slideshow requires javascript. Share this: twitter facebook email linkedin s.